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Initiatives to join

Published onMay 19, 2020
Initiatives to join

Curating and analyzing data

Data processing

Data curation

  • Update Wikipedia / Wikidata data:

    • Update the WP outbreak world map (national + regional)

    • Update individual pages w/ changing data sources

    • Review + remove disinformation with the WMMED group (WIRED piece)

    • Wikidata statements: 2019-20 outbreak (see linked refs by country)

  • Help update testing / outbreak data with the COVID tracking project (sheet) (joint initiative w/ the Atlantic)

Gather data and models that needed for your work

  • What data do you need for particular viz?

  • What cloud + other computing to work on it?

    • In ML: Kaggle, AI2

    • In observational data (scripting, NLP, hand curation): Quest, CT

    • In epidemiology

    • In testing + analysis

Matchmaking needs and supplies

Gear and donations for healthworkers

  • Help match health workers with gear (sheets)


  • Help gather information about the supply side of testing

  • Contribute to the requirements for comprehensive testing in your city

Volunteering and projects

  • Needs, opportunities, interest for online and regional efforts

Communication and advocacy

Help write about the whole

Help gather + summarize challenges

  • List of lists:

    • GovLab: Living Handbook

    • CoronaHandbook: various languages and sections

    • CORD-19: datasets + tasks for machine learning

  • Join a community of practice and discussion

    • —> our discourse for same?

    • relatively high-volume Slack [choose one] —> #endcoronavirus

Notes to merge: Program design notes

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